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Hemp Industry Leader SunFlora Completes Participation in ValidCare Seven Month-Long Clinical CBD Study on Liver Toxicity 

Study Shows No Liver Toxicity Reported in More Than 800 Adult Participants 

Palmetto, Fla. – (March 30, 2021) – SunFlora, the international CBD brand and creator of award winning SUNMED products exclusively sold at Your CBD Store franchise locations, has announced  its completion of a seven-month-long ValidCare clinical study. The results display the irrefutable  evidence of safe and reliable products offered by the brand. SunFlora and 11 other companies  supported the study to provide scientific data on liver toxicity to federal and state legislators  including the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The preliminary  results in the 839 subjects displayed zero instances of liver toxicity or disease. 

“We are proud to have been one of the qualifying participants to be included in the ValidCare  study that truly supports our mission as a company to provide safe and high-quality hemp derived products to our customers,” said Marcus Quinn, CEO of SunFlora. “Our research efforts  continue to demonstrate our dedication to providing unparalleled products that are safe and  effective. We look forward to continuing our work with researchers and reputable partners to  showcase our unrivaled SUNMED products that our innovative team creates.” 

Thisstudy, commissioned and designed in response to the FDA’s request, was created so the FDA  could confidently determine the appropriate regulatory path for hemp-derived CBD products.  Preliminary findings, according to ValidCare’s team of scientists, show no evidence of liver  disease in the 839 participants who ingested oral forms of hemp-derived CBD for a minimum of  60 days. There were also no reported cases of increase in the prevalence of elevated liver  function tests. 

“As a hemp industry leader, SunFlora is always in search of reputable partnerships with research  brands and institutions to provide a clear understanding of product safety and formulation  efficacy to further our knowledge,” said Anthony Ferrari, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of SunFlora. “It’s a pivotal time for the hemp and CBD industry when it comes to regulation, and every brand  in the industry is impacted. By working with ValidCare we were able to team up with other  competitors to let regulators know how serious we take this challenge, and how important  collaboration within this science is. We are currently furthering our relationship with universities  and companies like Validcare that will bring our entire industry and SunFlora to a more impactful  future.”

SunFlora and other brands that participated in this study provided funding, product, certificates  of authenticity, and assisted with the recruitment of adult consumers. ValidCare successfully  completed the first portion of the study, compiled and delivered the results to the participating  brands and the FDA within six weeks.  

"We are pleased to have SunFlora and their SUNMED products participate in this important  research study,” said Patrick McCarthy, CEO of ValidCare. “Their commitment to consumer safety  is a demonstration of leadership and we look forward to them participating in future research  opportunities." 

For more information about the ValidCare study or to partner with SunFlora for future studies,  contact Anthony Ferrari, Ph.D. directly at or visit  

About SunFlora 

SunFlora, Inc. was founded in 2018 by husband-and-wife team Marcus and Rachael Quinn to  produce quality hemp-derived products for health and wellness, skincare, and pets. The mission  of the company is to bring the highest quality hemp-derived products to market and to formulate  products to meet the needs of each customer. After opening their first Your CBD Store location 

in Bradenton, Florida, the duo decided to make improvements on products that were available  in market by welcoming top scientists and formulators to the front of development. They began  opening other stores and saw an opportunity to help family and friends become entrepreneurs  in a fast-growing industry. Currently, Your CBD Store is the largest hemp franchise retailer in the  United States and the exclusive home of award-winning, hemp derived SUNMED products. With  more than 550 stores across 41 states, as well as four stores in the United Kingdom, Your CBD Store provides the highest quality CBD experience to customers nationwide. For more  information on SunFlora, Inc. visit and to learn more about Your CBD Store  visit  

About ValidCare 

ValidCare, LLC provides contract research outsourcing (CRO) and virtual research solutions for  life sciences and consumer packaged goods industries. ValidCare’s proprietary platform supports  decentralized, hybrid and virtual research powered by real world evidence (RWE) to deliver  insights that help fuel healthier generations. For more information, visit or  call 844-825-4322. 

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